Selfie Wall is an Augmented Reality software that makes it possible for a viewer to step into content shown on a screen. Easy social media sharing works as good advertising for your brand and increases the value of other investments. Offer a new interactive experience to your visitors and give your brand a boost!

How Does It Work

1. Setup a Selfie Wall point.
2. Step in the picture.
3. Pose and wait for the photo to be taken.
4. Get the photo to your smart phone from the website and share it to social media or email it to friends, for example.

More precise description:

VTT and mFabrik's Selfie Wall works with Xbox Kinect's 3D camera which has a motion detector and advanced machine vision. When attached to the Selfie Wall software it's possible to place people into a picture in real time. Selfie Wall notices the viewer's outline and cuts off a piece from the background that matches the viewer. Selfie Wall's pictures are made in layers which enables going behind the elements in the picture.

Pricing and Components

Standard package includes (Price starts from 3000€):

Setup for Selfie Wall (NB! Without travelling expenses)

Hardware (Work station + Kinect camera)

Selfie Wall software

One edited picture

Mobile site with your own logo where the photos will be uploaded

From customer:

Some kind of screen for the picture (With HDMI connection)

Usable picture

Do you need a custom-made package?

We always put the customer on preferred position so we'll surely come up with a custom-made solution just for You! Contact us so we can discuss about the details.

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