mFabrik brings promoter score surveys to mobile phones

mFabrik Widi Services Ltd introduces mobile phone optimized promoter score (mPS) surveys. Willingness to recommend is today’s most important customer loyalty measure of any company, and mobile phone is the fastest way to get a reliable, up- to-date value for it.

mPS is a mobile method to collect customer loyalty data, based on a method developed by Fred Reichheld, which is rapidly increasing its popularity as the international tool for predicting a company’s future success. It measures the customers’ willingness to recommend a product, service or enterprise, and describes it with a simple, easy-to-interpret index.

Within mFabrik’s mPS survey the recipients can respond to the survey either via text message or mobile phone browser. “Recommendation marketing is the word of the day, and we have today’s equipment to offer to all companies wanting to clarify and develop their customer loyalty. Mobile phone is the way to allow everyone to tell their opinion”, says mFabrik Widi Services Ltd’s Managing Director Matti Tammisalo.

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