City paper Metropoli is in mobile phones too

One of the leading Finnish free so called city papers Metropoli is publishing news, content and gossips for the young and young minded between their 18 and 35 years of age. With their recently launched mobile site Metropoli is looking to serve its audience even better.

At Metropoli’s mobile site users are able to follow and read news in real time. People can also view published videos via their mobile phones.

mFabrik’s mobile solutions and services are offered as SaaS (Software as a Service) services which allows fast and easy, yet very cost effective, deployment of mobile internet based services anywhere in the world. mFabrik’s solutions cover everything from simple content publishing, like news and videos, to more complex services for business and ecommerce.

Freedom means being able to use one mobile device to access all content and services when and wherever a person is. mFabrik enables this freedom.

No software. No hardware. Just anywhere. Freedom Delivered.

Timo Kiippa, Managing Director
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