What we offer

Before the event:

Web (and mobile) based registration

Create registration web pages reflecting your event brand conveniently on the web and monitor in real-time the participant statuses.

Design, send and manage your own event-related emails and text messages easily with a web-based user interface

You can send reminders, invitations, thank you –messages for chosen group of receivers with a wanted registration status. The messages can be scheduled to be sent when you want to.

QR code invitations that will be delivered beforehand via SMS/email

After authentication in the venue the QR is then replaced with the corresponding name badge upon arriving to the event. These tickets will speed up the registration considerably. We scan the link included in the QR code and print it to the NFC chip of the real name badge in seconds.

Contact pages, surveys and similar templates reflecting your event brand

Responsive web pages of your liking pre-filled with customer contact information. In forms, the contact information will be stored from the NFC chip linked to the answer.

Event web page reflecting your event brand

Includes the program, map and information about the presenters, for example. We customize this based on the needs your event has.

During the event:

Name badge printing and person registration as a service also at the venue

Custom-made, brand reflecting readable badges with NFC chips/QR codes or with both. A link containing person’s contact information can be stored in the NFC chip or QR code. The name badges can be cards, tickets, bracelets or stickers. The badge will work as an access key and it will be disposed afterwards.

Register attendees when they enter the venue and automatic messaging related to that

Registration with an NFC chip or QR code. It’s possible to send welcoming messages, text message surveys, additional information etc.

Control drink and other consume able coupons digitally

Drink coupons stored in an NFC chip will be easily kept with you and can’t be lost. If you want to, we can give free coupons to VIP attendees, for example.

Real time view what is happening for the personnel due name or company

We can tell who is registered and where. You get to know which activities are the most popular.

Notifications to the personnel when something important is happening (e.g. VIP has entered the venue)

The information will be sent with a text message, for example, so you’ll notice this right away.

Surveys with pre-filled customer contact information and other similar interactive features using NFC chips or QR codes for the attendees

You can quickly collect answers without asking attendees’ contact information. This information will be linked with the answer.

Lead forms for the personnel with pre-filled customer contact information

Collect leads with NFC technology.

Contact exchanging between attendees using their smart tags and personal phones

Contact information can be exchanged during the event with attendee’s smartphone that has an NFC or QR reader. Scan the other person QR or NFC to gain access to their information and save it easily with one click to your phone.

All the devices you need (tablets, readers) as a full service

We will deliver everything you need for a successful event.

The needed information concerning your event displayed on the event web page

For example, ongoing or starting programs and the information about presenters.

m2wall service that makes messaging concerning your event possible

Polls, messages and picture collages where attendees can be part of the event more. Your event will get a digital wall where attendees can take part with their mobile devices. Makes your keynote speeches more interactive. m2wall will be modified according to your event brand and desires. More information from the m2wall web page.

Augmented Reality - SelfieWall service where you get to jump on a picture

Fun selfies as a memory from your event with an augmented reality experience. Choose a picture where your attendees can have fun and share a picture that has your brand logo and feel. Works as advertising in social media when persons share this fun experience they had. More information from the Selfie Wall web page.

After the event:

The exact visitor count as an Excel list with arrival and exit time

You will have an overview on how many pre-registered people showed up and how many people were registered on the spot.

Leads and survey answers as an email to the personnel collecting them

Includes all the data about contact information and answers.

Post-survey to the attendees

Can be sent afterwards as an email and collect feedback from the event.

Call for bids

For us the customer need comes always first, so let us know how can we help make your event easier and manageable.

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