Event Center


Event Center is a comprehensive set of event communications services allowing you to both

  • design, send and manage your own event-related emails and text messages, create registration web pages and monitor the participant statuses in real-time yourself, using an intuitive, web-based user interface; as well as
  • let us implement you highly customized visitor badges, reflecting your event brand and consisting of readable NFC tags, plus the reader system for your venue.

What does Event Center do?

  • Web and mobile based registration to your event
  • Name badges with a smart NFC chip allowes you to:
    • Register attendees when they enter the venue
    • Control drink and other consumeable coupongs
    • Lead forms for the personnel with pre filled customer contact information
    • Survays for the attendees with pre filled customer contact information
    • Contact exchanging between attendees using their smart tags and personal phones
    • Real time view what is happening for the personnel
    • Notifications to the personnel when something important is happening (e.g. VIP has entered the venue)
  • Badge printing as a service also at the venue