Truth about Librarians

What is your image of a typical librarian? A grim, silent, wool-socked creature wandering around dim passages surrounded by dusty bookshelves; avoiding your gaze and any kind of communication, dispite a title “informatician”? Wrong. Today’s librarian is an energetic, knowledgeable and communicative professional with his/her own opinion, which he/she is glad to share.

Suomen KirjastoseuraOne of the key elements activating the participants of this year’s Library Days at Seinajoki, Finland, into lively discussion was a Twitter wall implemented using mFabrik’s m2wall service. Twitter messages with a pre-agreed hashtag filled the m2wall website view shown on the presentation wall, and mFabrik’s moderator on-site had a busy day adjusting the message flow adequate for the rest of the program.

”The service worked really well and was in addition very economical”, sums up Ms Titta Baer, Information Officer of Finnish Library Association.