mFabrik Digital Signage at South by Southwest

mFabrik launches its new product, mFabrik Digital Signage at South by Soutwest tech and music conference in Austin, Texas 13-22 March 2015.

mDS“mFabrik Digital Signage, or just mDS, makes your digital screens interactive; allow your customers to play, shop and view your products, and present them in a unified manner across your indoors and outdoors marketing media”, says Mr Atte Kniivil√§, CEO of mFabrik at the conference. “And unlike with earlier systems, we are not talking about big investments – as a cloud service you can join in with less than hundred dollars a month.”

One of mFabrik’s service differentiators relate to its mobile phone know-how; the presenter may control the contents also on-the-spot, handily with his mobile phone. And the presentation contents can be edited with familiar tools; MS Powerpoint, iMovie, WordPress and so on.

mDS product is also amazingly easy to take into use: just visit and make a self-service order there. All you need to have is an internet connection to your digital displays, and they will start to serve as your digital signage system.