Remote Control Rewarded at Innovation Contest

A proposal based on mFabrik’s Mobile Remote Control technology got renown at ICT2014 Innovation Tournament held in Espoo, Finland. The challenge posed by telecom operator Sonera was titled “Conceptualize a Finnish Internet TV”, and the concept created by a team consisting of Mr. Jari Keränen and mFabrik’s Atte Kniivilä was deemed the most potential one by the jury.

Innovaatiokisa2014The winning concept exploits the viewer’s own mobile phone as the sole remote control for all digital displays at home. Therefore, the remote control is always at hand, providing also additional information on the programs shown – like sports statistics or cooking recipies – whenever needed. The concept also allows for completely new type of “2nd screen” advertizing.

The awards at ICT 2014 Gala were presented by Finnish Minister of Education and Communications, Ms Krista Kiuru. In the picture on the right, mFabrik’s Atte Kniivilä on her left and Sonera’s responsible organizer Risto Launis on her right side.