mFabrik Encourages Nerds to Play Outdoors

Good old video game world re-incarnated at Helsinki on September 13th – but with totally modernized playing gear. A Pacman-like Mentos candy game ticked on the giant digital display of Narinkkatori, controlled in real-time by impressed passers-by using their smart phones.

“Mentos 30 years’ campaign is still on, but it has already exceeded our expectations. The increase in sales has reached a staggering +80%, compared to last year,” rejoices the marketing manager for the campaign, Ms Jaana Länsisalmi of Valora Trade. “Campaigning has created us completely new sales points and add-on sales opportunities. This type of a fresh approach on marketing has also vitalized our own business efforts, as well on the field as within the office.”

This cheerful and also financially prosperous gaming event was a result of many professionals working together: ordered from Valora Trade by Mentos, projectized by media agency IUM, a cult game implemented by Orange Advertising, played at an outdoor event arranged by Johdin on ClearChannel‘s giant screen controlled by mobile phones, thanks to mFabrik‘s mobile control technology. A patent is naturally pending on this technology.