5 Reasons to Use RFID at Your Event

RFID at an EventEver heard of RFID? Well, unless you are an engineer, you probably haven’t. But do you use an electronic card as your bus ticket? Or an access control card for your workplace?

Correct. That is most probably a smart card containing remote reading technology. Reading the card might require touching a specific reader (“NFC, near field communications”, as usual with bus cards), or it might take place from pretty far away (“RFID” for remote reading) – the reading distance depends on the utilized technology, and it is adjustable. Why then should You as an event organizer be interested in RFID?

1. You can allow faster registration at the event

Send your invitations as letters containing RFID cards by mail in advance; the visitors simply wear those badges and walk through the entrance doors and that’s it. Up-to-date participation status is at your hand all the time.

2. You can guide your visitors without face-to-face assistance

RFID cards or stickers may invoke automatic text messages into the visitor’s phone. Be it a welcome message at the entrance, a message containing the program of the seminar room entered, additional information of the exhibitor just being visited… also, wouldn’t it be the most efficient to ask for presentation feedback once people are leaving the room?

3. You know your guests’ whereabouts

Upon planning for the next event it might be nice to know how the visitors moved around the last time. Collect this information discretely by positioning reader devices around the area. The reading distance of the antennas may be up to several yards.

4. You can control the PR cost

RFID cards may also be utilised for making “payments”. If getting a free drink requires touching the reader at the bar, you can easily limit the amount of free rounds. In this case the reader distance is most convenient if set into an inch or so. And yes, RFID can be used for making real payments, too.

5. You can better target your aftersales

Visitor contact details are by default available for you, per reader. This allows you to sent targeted offers and information messages to the participants also after the event. Have you also got external exhibitors, who would value these lists while planning for their lead management activities?

It is curious that RFID as technology has been in use already for several decades, but the benefits of near an remote reading are vaguely exploited at professional or consumer events. What, should you do something? Well, the bus companies got rid of separate ticket selling persons ages ago, didn’t they…