Radio Gala Visitors Scanned Using RFID

Radiogaala2014-logoAnnual Finnish media gala event rewarded again Finnish radio personalities, channels and programs in Helsinki, April 10th. Radio Gala 2014 event presented also a new admittance control solution based on radio frequency identification technique RFID. The solution was provided by mFabrik.

Reasons Mr Mikko Noronen, Project Director of FactorNova organizing the event: ”We wanted to carry out the guest admittance control in the most discrete and stylish way. mFabrik was able to provide us with electronic, gala brand-aligned visitor cards, containing information on the guests and their seating order; and took care of their automatic reading and late arrival registration on-site in a professional way”.

The remotely readable RFID cards of a size of a credit card form the newest part of mFabrik’s total event communications service package. The data encoded within the cards can be read discretely at the event, and allows for various automatic actions based on the reading.

JVG ja Sören Radiogaala 2014:ssä
MTV3 Katsomo interviewing artists on the red carpet; mFabrik’s Sören Andersson taking care of the late registrations in the background