mFabrik creates multi-client and multi-channel solutions for companies wanting to serve their growing mobile clientele better.

mFabrik Products


m2wall gives your presentation an electronic boost! Provide your audience with an electronic wall to send their comments and questions to. You can then easily pick the most interesting ones to be answered to right away.


mFabrikDS converts your existing digital displays into a modern digital signage system; inexpensive to build, easy to maintain and fast to edit.


mFabrik In-Flight Tablet, mIFT, is a rentable or borrowable handheld tablet-based entertainment system for aircraft cabin use. It is available via selected airlines only.


mDialogues is a web-based self-service tool for creating and managing multi-channel mobile dialogues. Create and send out polls, surveys, offers or reminders; replying can take place either via SMS or mobile browser.


mEvents is a set of comprehensive communications solutions for event organizers. Ranging from web-based self-service tools for email invitations and text message reminders to highly customized RFID badges allowing for both event registration, on-line information and even payments alike.


Sample projects carried out:
multi-client and multi-channel solutionsSuomen Vahvimmat
Code from Finland

  • Video streaming and encoding: YLE Areena
  • Mobile browser applications:
  • Native applications: Inflight Tablets
  • Word Press (responsive) implementations:
  • mCommerce solutions:
  • Mobile controlled screens: Video
  • Mobile payment solutions: IP payments, NFC payments, payment service integrations
  • Interactive outdoor advertising services: Video
  • Mobile coupons
  • Votings
  • Digital direct mailing (SMS and email)
  • Campaign sites
  • Advertisement implementations
  • RFID solutions
  • NFC solutions
  • Integration

  • Super-Responsive Web Solutions

    present your web site to your customers in all devices

  • eCommerce

    integrate mobile channel to your internet shop seamlessly

  • Marketing Automation

    mobilize and automate your customer dialogue

  • Video Streaming

    transcode and stream your video material in real-time

  • Social Media

    use all modern channels to reach your customers

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